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thales of miletus Thales of miletus was a greek philosopher, founder of the ionian school and he  was considered to be one of the seven sages of greece.

Western philosophy series no 2 thales of miletus « western philosophy and the making of pizza no1 introduction western philosophy series no. Thales of miletus appears to be the first great greek mathematician however, his occupation was actually an engineer as mentioned before, none of the. Thales of miletus was one of the first greek thinkers, who started to considerate world's microstructure thales was the first to notice static electricity around 600.

There are no works listed on wikisource for this author if you'd like to add a new text, please review help:adding texts. It's amazing that thales kicked the gods out of natural philosophy but it is not his most important contribution to science. Sketch of thales of miletus title: thales of miletus source : clg-beaumarchais scola year: around -625 died around 547 before jesus christ description.

Born in 624 bc in asia minor, thales (thay-leez) of miletus is regarded by many as the father of the sciences and of western philosophy thales provides an. Birth thales, a greek mathematician cum philosopher lived in pre-socratic times around 620-625 bc he is commonly known as thales of miletus as he. Colin davies describes how, in the 6th century bc, miletus became the birthplace of western science and philosophy. Thales was born into a noble family of phoenician origin at the time of the 25th the economic role of the nile, the importance of the port for miletus and the fact.

The first definite statement is by thales of miletus (about 585bc) who said loadstone attracts iron because it has a soul the prevailing view at the time was that. The greek philosopher,thales of miletus is best-known for his work in geometry and predicting eclipses his written work is gone, but his ideas. English: thales of miletus (θαλῆς ὁ μιλήσιος (pronounced 546 bc), was a pre -socratic greek philosopher from miletus in asia minor, and. Thales of miletus, (flourished 6th century bce), philosopher renowned as one of the legendary seven wise men, or sophoi, of antiquity (see philosophy,.

What is the basic building block of the universe' thales of miletus was the first to ask this fundamental, yet to be answered, question in the sixth century bc. Thales lived in the city of miletus, in ionia the ionians were well-traveled and had many dealings with egypt and babylon, and it is possible that thales had. Thales of miletus was born in miletus (in present day turkey) he is sometimes credited to be the first greek philospher although he can be considered as the.

Thales, better known as thales of miletus, was an ancient greek philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and businessman check out this. The ancient greek philosopher thales was born in miletus in greek ionia aristotle, the major source for thales's philosophy and science, identified thales as. Thales of miletus (c624-c546 bc), ancient greek philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, and the first identifiable scientist he is reported to have predicted a.

There's no wonder that thales of miletus has been named the first of the seven sages of greece throughout his life, he managed to impose a. Thales of miletus was a pre-socratic greek philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer from miletus in asia minor he was one of the seven sages of greece. Thales of miletus (c 624 - 546 bc) was an early pre-socratic philosopher, mathematician and astronomer from the greek city of miletus in ionia (modern- day. The original discovery [causes of eclipses and how to predict them] was made in greece by thales of miletus, who in the fourth year of the 48th.

thales of miletus Thales of miletus was a greek philosopher, founder of the ionian school and he  was considered to be one of the seven sages of greece. Download
Thales of miletus
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